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  • How Encore Entrepreneurs Can Manage Their Risk

    October 3, 2018
    Lynne Beverly Strang

    If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur as a second act, this measured, level-headed approach is worth noting no matter what type of business you may want to start.

  • Omeza

    In 2017, while working with SCORE, Gardner presented to University of South Florida  Sarasota-Manatee's (USFSM) MBA cohort and collaborated with a graduate student group to...

  • Opinion: 10 tips for starting your own business when you're over 50

    In The News
    June 26, 2019, MSN Money

    More older adults have become entrepreneurs in the last decade than younger people. No kidding. Counterintuitive, right? But it’s true. Entrepreneurship in the 50+ age group is on...

  • College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving of Northern Virginia

    Westerman sought out SCORE’s guidance during his due-diligence period researching franchising opportunities, where volunteer mentors Richard Rose and Len Briskman offered their...

  • Haircuts of St. Lucie West

    Darbyshire has known volunteer mentor Kostas “Gus” Gregory for a while and trusted his advice. “He told me about SCORE over golf one day and given his past experience and mine I...

  • Women 50+: Declare Your Independence And Start A Business

    In The News
    July 3, 2018, Forbes

    I suggest you tap into the site of the U.S. Small Business Adminstration (SBA), SBA.gov, as well as Score.org, a nonprofit that provides small business assistance.

  • The Megaphone Of Main Street: Unsung Entrepreneurs, Infographic #3 Encore (55+) Entrepreneurs


    This infographic highlights the findings of part three of “The Megaphone Of Main Street: Unsung Entrepreneurs” data report. For this report, SCORE surveyed more than 3,000...

  • Readers’ Emails on How Retirees Can Make New Friends

    In The News
    August 7, 2016, The Wall Street Journal

    If you have business experience, SCORE, a nationwide nonprofit organization that counsels America’s small-business owners, is always looking for volunteers.

  • Entrepreneurs over 50: Starting The ‘Second Chapter’

    May 11, 2019
    Gyawu Mahama

    There may not be any such thing as a ‘typical’ encore entrepreneur, but there are some characteristics they share.

  • How To Volunteer From Your Home Now

    In The News
    June 8, 2020, Forbes

    Consider helping local small businesses by becoming a SCORE Mentor.

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