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  • The Action Plan for Restaurants


    The Action Plan for Restaurants provided step-by-step instructions on how to save your restaurant from the coronavirus.

  • Burma Spice

    The journey of growing Burma Spice with the help of SCORE has been rewarding and exciting.  My  SCORE Mentor Team helped me navigate thru financial restructuring decisions and...

  • Shaker Farms Country Club

    SCORE mentors helped with the important first step: determining whether the business could ever be profitable before Kotowitz committed to buying the country club. SCORE helped...

  • Vegan Distribution

    According to Lu, Grunat has not only helped to address her specific business questions, but has also generally instilled Lu with an improved business mindset. “Based on...

  • Desserts Out The Jar And More

    McKinney connected with a mentor in Desserts Out The Jar And More’s early days, seeking validation for her business idea. “I sought a SCORE mentor because I was unsure of how to...

  • How One Man’s Hobby Brewed Up a Business Idea

    June 5, 2019
    Bridget Weston

    Learn about Everything Homebrew - a specialty retail store selling equipment and ingredients for homebrewing beer, wine, cider, mead and soda.

  • How to Reopen Your Restaurant After the Coronavirus Shutdown…and Stay Open


    Are you reopening your restaurant after COVID-19 closures? Use this checklist to reopen your restaurant while keeping yourself, employees and diners safe.

  • This Small Business Owner Found Her Sweet Spot

    June 20, 2019
    Bridget Weston

    Monica Mitidieri sought a SCORE mentor to help her tackle self-doubt and get to the next level in growing her cookie business.

  • Checklist: Licenses and Permits for a Restaurant


    New businesses need to get licenses and permits, and those that sell food need more than most. This checklist explains what you’ll need to open a restaurant.

  • Building a Brand for Your Bar or Restaurant


    To develop your brand, begin by considering your what makes your bar or restaurant different from the competition.

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