When they moved Florida to be closer to their parents, the sisters combined their professional experiences & personal experience teaming together selling antiques as a hobby to start SFS out of a life-long love and respect for seniors in the community.

·       SFS founding principle "We Care for Your Loved One Like Family"  is the foundation of their successful business model; Includes matching the staff to the client & Owners laser focus on making each client & staff experience better.

·       Each Client's unique Care Plan tracks their condition and routine over time.   

·       SFS offers a rewarding career and environment for their employees

·       Owners pay it forward in their personal and professional lives. Examples -  VACC Chair Senior Resource Committee; Christmas caroling at homes of their clients!

My successes. 

At the end of 2018, SFS has 28 part-time employees and has achieved their year end goals for sustainable, profitable business growth by doubling client service hours over prior year with strong client satisfaction. SFS is poised for expansion in 2019 and are transitioning the operating model to apply non-owner resources for some business functions and continue to add new services with help from SCORE.

How SCORE helped. 

Formed in 2014, SFS is a family owned & operated business providing exceptional in-home companion and homemaker services for seniors. Our business would not be the caliber it is today without the mentorship we receive from SCORE. SCORE mentor Pat Loftus “encourages us to think outside the box and keeps us accountable for the business goals we set in order to grow our business." The sisters have worked with SCORE since 2016, and plan to continue working with Loftus to set new goals, launch new services and apply non-owner resources for some business functions.


Sisters for Seniors