SCORE Southwest Florida offers a variety of business support activities. Foremost, we mentor small businesses in one-on-one virtual or in-person sessions. Our mentors are business owners, executives and experienced business leaders and they cover virtually all business sectors and functional areas. We provide the mentoring at no cost to you and for as long as the business owner feels value is provided. Our number one objective is for the business to succeed.

We also offer a variety of online and live educational sessions on a multitude of business topics. Finally, many of our mentors have special relationships with the local businesses community and with local governamental and non-governamental organizations in the area and can leverage those relationships for the benefit of your business.

Services We Offer


No-cost One-on-One Mentoring

Our mentoring is provided at no cost to you and for as long as it is needed. SCORE Mentors provide you with expertise that will start you on the right path towards your business goals. Learn what to do and what not to do by leveraging the knowledge and experience of our SCORE volunteers. As one client recently said about one our mentors, “The mentor was very knowledgeable and had good insight/ideas. The SCORE people and process are very professional.”

Our mentors have experience in virtually all business sectors and functional areas. They help you identify your business mission, develop your strategy, create a business plan and work with you on your sales and marketing, operational, financial and human resources challanges.

Confidential Meetings

When we receive your 'Request a Meeting' form, a Mentor will call you to schedule a time and place for your first consultation. Often these meetings will take place via video or phone. Thereafter, you can call the Mentor for more consultation as the need arises. We are here to help you on an on-going basis. There is no limit in the number of meetings you can have or in the time period over which you can ask for help.  As one client mentioned, ““I found it useful to have been able to talk about the fiscal moves I have had to make and hear back that I am progressing in the right direction. The Mentors understanding of the complexities of Finance and Compliance and the value of having both be the strongest supporters of each other was a good insight, I had not fully considered”. And another said, “I’ve got great advice from my mentor and definitely realize the value provided by this service.”

The conversation between a business owner and our volunteers always remaind confidential. Score operates under a strict Code of Ethics and all of our volunteers comply with that code at all times.

Business Seminars

SCORE offers a series of very popular free or low-cost seminars throughout the year. Those seminars might be held virtually or in-person. A sampling includes:

"Simple Steps to Starting Your Business - Four Part Series" which provides a comprehensive overview of what you should know about starting and successfully growing and operating your own business.  Other seminar topics offered throughout the year include, Financial Management and Funding, How to Bring a Product to Market, How to Start a Non-Profit Business, How does Digital fit in my Marketing Plan and When is a Franchise Business Right for Me.  Look for upcoming notices for these seminars and others on our website and social media sites, which are conducted by SCORE members and small business experts.  Select the Workshops tab to see the current event schedule and online education.

SCORE Membership

If you are interested in sharing your business expertise with others by becoming a member of SCORE yoursefl, please select the Volunteer option at the top of this page for more information.

For additional information contact us at or call (239) 533-3102 to learn more about our services. We look forward to serving you.