SCORE for Black Entrepreneurs

Right now, Black entrepreneurs are facing unique barriers to business success.

At SCORE, we’re working to change that by removing those obstacles and providing Black small business owners with access to personalized support. That’s why we created SCORE for Black Entrepreneurs: to meet you where you are and get you where you want to go.

Black-owned businesses were more likely to seek – but less likely to receive – outside funding.

- The Megaphone Of Main Street: The Impact of Covid-19, Impact on Black-owned Small Businesses


  • 26.5% of White-owned businesses applied, and 54.2% were approved.
  • 47.7% of Black-owned businesses applied, and 22.3% were approved.


  • 19.9% of White-owned businesses applied for delays, and 72.4% were approved.
  • 39.8% of Black-owned businesses applied for delays, and 33.6% were approved.

SCORE is Here to Help.

Black small business owners and their communities have faced extraordinary challenges over the years. Now, we have an opportunity to do better. With over 50 years of experience, SCORE is renewing our commitment to being part of the solution. We’re here to close the opportunity gap. We’re here to take action. We’re here to give you the tools to meet and overcome any business challenge so that you can succeed.

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses.

Building a small business might seem daunting, but it’s more possible than you think. See how we’ve helped other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

“I can’t adequately express how much of a lifeline SCORE has been to us.”

- Rozalynn Goodwin, GaBBY Bows

"Everything that SCORE offered was exactly what I needed to get the business started."

- Charlynda Scales, Mutt's Sauce

“No one should be afraid to do something because they don’t know the answer.”

- Derschaun Sharpley, Helping Individuals Succeed Agency

There’s not enough ink in my pen to write about everything that’s great about my mentor, Mr. Mark Maguire. What makes him an exceptional mentor are the qualities he possesses naturally: his willingness to share his genius, skills, knowledge, and expertise - at a level that’s not condescending or confusing -  in a concise manner that makes it easy to understand."

- Ursula Augustine, Ursula's About Phace Rittenhouse Studio

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Get Mentoring Support.

What if you could sit down with someone who has been in your shoes? As a SCORE client, it’s as easy as that. We have a diverse group of experienced, volunteer mentors available to answer your questions about starting and growing a small business.

Find Your SCORE Mentor

Learn What You Need to Know.

We recently spoke with our clients to fully understand the challenges facing Black small business owners today. Before most Black entrepreneurs even open their doors, they face a range of obstacles, from a lack of capital to difficulty accessing government programs—not to mention encountering bias and racism along the way.

SCORE’s Resource Library includes hundreds of free articles, templates, tools, videos, and checklists to meet any business need. You can sort by entrepreneur type, topic, and business stage to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Get Started

Not sure where to begin? Check out these articles and resources for Black entrepreneurs.

Recorded Webinar

Your Money. Your Business. Your Life.- Funding and Financing Your Black-Owned Business

Learn how to be attractive to lending partners, funding options to consider, develop your business pitch to smartly leverage financing options to grow your business. Read more

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The Megaphone Of Main Street: The Impact of Covid-19, Infographic #2 - Impact on Black-owned Small Businesses

COVID-19 has had a large impact on Black-owned businesses, with only 8.8% reporting profitability and growth as shown in our latest SCORE infographic. Read more

Recorded Webinar

Minority Entrepreneurship: Going from Side Hustle to High-Growth Enterprise

Join this webinar and learn about the resources available to minority entrepreneurs and practical steps on how to launch, grow and innovate your business. Read more

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Why Black-Led Banks are Essential for the Survival of Black-Led Businesses

Black-owned banks are vital to ensuring that Black businesses receive funding and continue to thrive. Read more


State of African-American Owned Businesses

70% of African-American entrepreneurs say they are either “somewhat happy” or “very happy” with their businesses. 72% say their businesses are profitable. Read more


How to Get Certified as a Minority-Owned Business

In a climate of intense awareness for the fair treatment of all minorities, getting your business officially certified as minority-owned can open important contract opportunities. Read more

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Get Involved.

When you volunteer with SCORE, you change individual lives, support small businesses, and empower entire communities. We’re always looking for people to share their time, skills, and knowledge. No matter your background, we have a perfect role for you.

Become a SCORE volunteer

Meet Some of Our Mentors

Here are a few of the mentors that are standing by and ready to help you achieve your business goals. SCORE mentors have a wide variety of skills and industry experience, are affiliated with SCORE chapters across the U.S., and are ready to connect remotely and help guide you through the many challenges of starting and running a successful business.

Mentor Spotlight - Tereance R. Moore

How I Can Help

“I’m the owner of two LLCs and the co-founder of two nonprofits. I also serve on eight different boards and committees across Maryland. With success comes a responsibility to reach back and provide opportunities for others.”

Why I'm Here

“I volunteer with SCORE because I learned far too many lessons the hard way as a business owner. There are too many people unaware of SCORE’s benefits—and far too many who believe it doesn't exist to serve them, which is the furthest thing from the truth.”

One More Thing

“I studied architecture in college, but then I took a summer job in a financial call center. It changed my life. Educating others on finance and creating generational wealth has been my passion ever since.”

Mentor Spotlight - Katherine Hunter-Blyden

How I Can Help

“I worked in corporate management for 15 years. Here I was, advising other people, and I thought, ‘I should take my own advice.’ I built a bootstrapped startup, so I have a lot of relevant experience for SCORE clients. I’ve been through the MBE/WBE certification process, too.”

Why I'm Here

“When I started out in business, I didn’t really understand how it worked. And that’s because I didn’t have any mentors or resources growing up. A lot of folks don’t have those resources, but through SCORE, I can share what I’ve learned with other entrepreneurs so that they can succeed.”

One More Thing

“I cook a lot. But it’s not just cooking—I like the science behind it. For example, I recently made shrimp scampi, and I spent all this time researching the chemistry of garlic. Raw, minced garlic will give you a stronger flavor, whereas roasted whole cloves are the mildest.”

Mentor Spotlight - Shadeed Eleazar

How I Can Help

“I’m a United States Navy Veteran who brings nearly 20 years of experience improving processes, supporting consumers, and utilizing technology to drive business performance. I also launched a community organization that has provided support, training, and mentorship for over 1,600 professionals since 2007.”

Why I'm Here

“I was raised in a family that operated several small businesses, so I know that small business is the economic heartbeat of any community. As a SCORE mentor, I support each client in realizing their own talent as a business leader.”

One More Thing

“I've completed six full marathons, with the lifetime goal of running a marathon on every continent on Earth.”

Get Free Business Advice

SCORE offers the largest network of volunteer business mentors from all backgrounds and experiences to help entrepreneurs at any business stage and in every industry. At SCORE, your success is our success and our experts are trained to provide culturally-sensitive mentoring to help answer your questions, connect you with local resources and opportunities, and help you achieve your business goals.

Because our work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, our mentoring is always free. That means you can meet with your mentors as often as you need, for the life of your business. We’re here to help you via phone, email, video conference, or chat. Enter your zip code in the field below to request your mentor today.


Or, find the right mentor for you by filtering your search by location, communication method, language, expertise, and industry.

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9 Resources To Help Black Owned Small Businesses

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From looking into local chapters of Black Business Association to the Black Owned Everything website, there are several resources that can help the continued growth and success of Black-owned small businesses for years to come.